Monday, October 31, 2011


Things are going well.  I have been making it to the gym or getting in some vigorous exercise each day.  I have also been trying to make good decisions about my food.  Soon, I will start counting calories again... YUCK!  It seems to work though so I have to do it.  I am also going to do a high protein and pure foods such as vegies, meat and whole grains. 

With it being Halloween, it is difficult to cut out the sugar!  I will be doing this starting next week.  Well, with the exception of Dark Chocolate!  I can't live without this.  I have a serving or 2 each day.

Tomorrow is November!  Wow!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 
- Tracy

Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011

Good Morning!

I FINALLY joined the gym again yesterday.  Our family went swimming for about 30 minutes.  The water was a little bit chilly so we could not stay for long.  There were also no lanes to do laps.  We had hoped to get a lane and do family laps for 30 minutes or so.  Definitely something that our whole family can do together.  I will also try to make it to the gym to do some other workouts during the week.  Still have not completely convinced my husband to get on the bandwagon.  I am going to keep trying!

- Tracy

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Book!

Reading a new book called Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard.  A great read.  A major focus is on small positive changes.  Explains really well why we fail at change and how we can overcome those failures.  I will write more as time goes on.  Right now, my take away is focus on a time period when things were going really well for you OR imagine your life as if your problem is solved and how your life would be.  The bottom line is that we have an emotional brain that he calls "The Elephant" and the logical brain that he calls "The Rider".  The elephant is very big and wears the rider out quickly if the rider is not specific and prepared for the antics of "The Elephant".  Makes complete sense!
- Tracy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

Working today.... Drank my Myoplex drink for breakfast and having my green tea and chocolate for lunch.  I know I know... not the healthiest move.  At least it is 72% Cacao!  :-)  Going to try to have a moderate dinner tonight but that can be tough because of my bad planning today. I will let you know how it goes!

UPDATE:  I was not successful.  I ended the day with my calorie goal in check and on target.  THEN, I decided to have a Margarita.  Exactly why did I sabotage myself this way?  I probably drank 1500 calories and ate another 800.  Good thing I don't drink often.
- Tracy

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

Well, I have not been following any plan.  My life has been BUSY BUSY BUSY!  I need to plan!  Planning is the key to weight loss success.  I am going to get my husband involved and we are gonna get back on track. 

This is LIFE LONG battle so I am not going to beat myself up over this.  I will struggle my entire life.  I will most likely start and stop a million more times.  This is OK!

Talk to you soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

I am getting a lot more comfortable with the myfitnesspal website. It's really pretty easy to use. The simple nature of the site is very applealing. It's simple and tracks all the important things. It also provides the opportunity to print reports.

I set my goals as follows:

A deficit of at least 490 per day
Consume no more than 1710 calories per day
Exercise at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes
Weigh in every Friday and report it here on the blog

I am backing off the daily reporting here on the blog. I think I may be obsessing about my weight, goals and making daily entries. By de-emphasizing the minute details and moving my focus to other aspects of life, I may find balance.

See you Friday!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I had a pretty good day yesterday. I started using myfitnesspal to track things. As with any new program, it'll take a while to get used to, but so far, it seems pretty easy. I'm sure that I'll find more useful things as I go along. I haven't completely set it it up, but I did get started.

I set some basic goals and tracked my food. I was 116 calories over goal yesterday at 1826 calories consumed. Not bad, really!

Last night was the third night in a row that I didn't get up and eat in the middle of the night. I feel REALLY good about that.

I will post a new goal set tomorrow. I'm pretty certain of what I'm going to strive for.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MIA again...

Truth is, I have been eating enough for two people the past few days.  Can't wait for school to start!  The structure and down time for mom is needed.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am going to switch my reporting method to tomorrow. Today will be the last day that I use the BodyMedia site.

My weight is up -- 252.8. What? Silly scale. There's no way that I gained 1.8 pound in one day. My guess is salt ...

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 9
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = yes
Calories consumed = 1824 (Yay! Under 2,000 again!!)
Fat = 99g 50%
Carbs = 119g 26%
Protein 113g 25%

I am thinking about my goals for the last two weeks of August. I don't think I'll track "treat muself well." That was a good reminder and I'll keep trying to be aware of what I'm doing for and to myself. I'm going to avoid procesed carbs, but not eating them at all is not reasonable. I am going to track whether I make it through the night without nighttime foraging. I am also going to track my actiivty level. I'll be using a new site, so I think that the rest will develop after I get a chance to check out the site.

All for now! Be well!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

I had good day yesterday. I controlled my eating and made good choices all day. The only thing I could have done better was get in some formal exercise. I didn't make it to the gym, but did walk at lunch and after work.

My weight is 250.6. Pretty good! I'm down exactly two pounds since last Friday.

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 10
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = yes (I had a white bun and white spaghetti)
Calories consumed = 1879 (Yay! Under 2,000!)
Fat = 67g 31%
Carbs = 241g 49%
Protein = 42g 19%

Today, I plan to get in some "extra" steps by walking at lunch and break. I won't be able to go to the gym since I have to pick up some things right after work. I will be switching to another data base to record my food and activity; I just havn't the chance to sit down and check out anything else right now.

Have a happy and healthy day; I plan to! (And we all know that planning is key!!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I didn't wear my armband yesterday because it has stopped syncing itself. BodyMedia won't send a new one and their fixes do not work. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be changing to a new recording method. I have pretty much decided on myfitness, but haven't done the work to make the thchange yet. Yesterday, I recorded my food on BodyMedia site; at least that part works for me.

My weight is 251.8 today.

From yesterday:

At the gym for 45 minutes. I walked, stretched and did lots of things with the exercise ball.

Treat myself well = 9
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = no
Fat = 84g 34%
Carbs = 203 g 53% (whole wheat tortilla, tomatoes, bananas and apples)
Protein = 81g 14%
Calories consumed = 2238

I enjoyed my day yesterday. My time at the gym was pleasant and productive. I'm trying to do more stretching and body resistence stuff instead of hitting the weights. I still work up a good sweat and get a good workout. I would like to research alternatives to traditional gym routines. When I have some time sunday or Moday, I will spend some time on the computer checking out those plans as well as signing up with

Today isn't a gym day. We have dinner plans with family after work. I'm planning on agood day and hope that you have one, too!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I had another good day yesterday. Two in a row!

My weight is down again. I weighed 250.2. That's the lowest since I started tracking new goal sets in July. I am very excited about getting below 250 and looking forward to returning to 235 where I was in April!!

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 10
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = no
Activity = 1:20
stesp = 12482
Deficit = 767
Fat = 121g 50%
Carbs = 147g 27%
Protein = 124g 22%

I exercised twice yesterday, once in the morning when I took Opal for a long walk and later in the day when Michael and I went to the gym. I also made a good choice at dinner. Michael had tacos and I had a chicken salad instead. My calories could have been lower, but I put cheese on the salad and Michael talked me into making popcorn last night when we watched a show.

I'm working today, so I'll have to walk Opal later in the evening after the gym. I decied to walk Opal every day, at least for a little. She really enjoys it and it helps me, too.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the armband and have decided to not renew my membership in October. It doesn't always sync up. Today it took me 1/2 hour to get it to sync data. I have been writing back and forth with the BodyMedia company and have tried all their fixes. Sometimes, their suggestions work, sometimes not. They maintain that it's not a device issue.

I'll probably start using another method to record my progress within the next week or so. Tracy has suggested my I'll probably check that one out first.

BodyMedia FIT data for August 9, 2011
Calories Burned - 2921 | Calories Consumed - 2154 | Total Activity - 1:21 | Moderate Activity - 1:21 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 12482 | Sleep Duration - 7:49 | Lying Down - 9:07 | Sleep Efficiency - 86%.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday August 9

2791 calories consumed today.  This number is right around the amount of calories I burned today.  Not the greatest day.  Ate too much at dinner and ate one of my kid's muffins.  Bummed I did not control my intake better.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good day yesterday. I was very active and I made wise choices.

My weight is down. Today I weighed 251.2

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 9
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = no (plenty of whole grains, though!)
Activity = 1:30 (wow!)
Steps = 15072 (wow!)
Deficit = 1360 (wow!)
Fat = 73g 32%
Carbs = 228g 43%
Protein = 135g 25%

I had a very positive attitude yesterday and accomplished a lot. I purged my closets. Hanging in my closet now are only the clothes that actually fit me well. If it was stained, unflattering or hadn't been worn, I tossed it. If it didn't fit, but I like it and thought it might fit within 6 months, I boxed it up. There's now a large tote in the spare closet with enough clothes for a size 16 me. (Right now I wear a 18w.)

I also prepared whole grain oatmeal and froze it for breakfasts. Each container has 1 cup of oatmeal and I added 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to each container. I made and froze spaghetti and meatsauce in portions containing 2 ounces of pasta and 1 cup of meat sauce. At dinner last night, I removed all the skin from the baked chicken and I meaured my portions.

Today, I'll take Opal for another long walk and go to the gym. Opla is looking a bit pudgy. She could use some exercise, too. I heard once "If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise!" hahaha

BodyMedia FIT data for August 8, 2011
Calories Burned - 3456 | Calories Consumed - 2096 | Total Activity - 1:30 | Moderate Activity - 1:30 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 15072 | Sleep Duration - 5:41 | Lying Down - 7:08 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday August 8

1948 calories consumed today.  Getting into the swing of things.  Got a slight bit more activity today.  Went for a family walk tonight.  My oldest needs some exercise and getting on her on her bike is the way to go.  Finished with 4600 or steps... Really sad how little I move in a normal day.  These numbers were after a 20 minute walk with the family.  Gotta ramp it up!
BodyMedia FIT data for August 8, 2011
Calories Burned - 2865 | Calories Consumed - 1958 | Moderate Activity - 0:36 | Steps Taken - 4630 | Sleep Efficiency - 83%

Talk to ya tomorrow!
- Tracy

Monday, August 8, 2011

I had an overage yesterday. I had sugar, too. All in all, it wasn't a day that anyone would call a good effort for someone trying to reduce.

Weight is up as well. Today I weighed 253.

From yesterday:
Treat myself well = 6
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = yes
Activity = 33 minutes
Steps = 8089
Overage in calories = 320
Fat = 178 g 50%
Carbs = 216 26%
Protein = 192 23%

Yesterday was fun day. I went to my mom's for a cookout. I really didn't do too badly at the dinner table. I didn't have any corn or bread. I choose a big steak, green beans, tomatoes, and cucumber salad. Before dinner, I had tortilla chips with peach salsa and after I had ice cream with a brandied peach. The extras were partially responsible for my overage.

I haven't been sleeping well the past week or so. I've been waking up several times each night and when I do, I always get a snack from the fridge. I believe that this is responsible for most of the extra calories that I've been consuming.

I am honestly becoming very tired of trying. Maybe it's more like I'm tired of hearing myself make noises about trying. In truth, I really am not trying ...

BodyMedia FIT data for August 7, 2011
Calories Burned - 2883 | Calories Consumed - 3203 | Total Activity - 0:33 | Moderate Activity - 0:33 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8089 | Sleep Duration - 6:37 | Lying Down - 8:10 | Sleep Efficiency - 81%.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday August 7

Calories consumed 1982.  Not much activity as I worked all day.  

Got my steel cut oats made yesterday for the next 2 weeks.  That is a big accomplishment.  It takes about an hour to get that all ready.  Gtg for the next 14 days or so.  It depends on how much my kiddo eats.

Tomorrow it is a full work day.  Off at 2:30 though.  I will try to get some activity in, even if it is just house cleaning.
- Tracy

Background Change

In honor of all of your garden efforts Diana, I changed our background.  I would love it if you would post more about your garden here too!  That is so related to our weight loss and healthy efforts.  I only wish I had the space and motivation to have a garden!
- Tracy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I had a pretty good yesterday. My best choice was to NOT go to my High School class reunion. There was lots of hand wringing and I went back and forth about attending, but finally decided against it. I guess I wasn't in the mood to be judged by people that I don't really care about any more ...

I weighed in at 252 this morning. That's the lowest since the beginning of the new August goal set.

I don't think I'll have a goal of no processed carbs for the second half of August. It's just too difficult to manage. I think a more reasonable goal would be no white sugar and only whole grain.

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 8 (NOT going to the reunion was THE best choice!)
Accurate reporting = yes
Porcessed carbs = no
Activity = 100 minutes
Steps = 9594
Deficit = 335
Fat = 162g 57%
Carbs = 129 g 20%
Ppotein = 143g 22%

BodyMedia FIT data for August 6, 2011
Calories Burned - 2831 | Calories Consumed - 2496 | Total Activity - 1:00 | Moderate Activity - 1:00 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 9594 | Sleep Duration - 5:11 | Lying Down - 6:45 | Sleep Efficiency - 77%.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Breakfast for the next 2 weeks!

I'm back! (Again!)

OK, so as soon as I start using my armband again, my computer dies!  Talk about a blow to the old motivation.  So, I am now hooked up with my kiddo's computer until we decide a long term computer solution for me.  So, I am back in the game again.  I will be posting daily again as of tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

High school angst revisted last night ...

More later ...

BodyMedia FIT data for August 5, 2011
Calories Burned - 2764 | Calories Consumed - 3113 | Total Activity - 0:41 | Moderate Activity - 0:41 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8180 | Sleep Duration - 5:31 | Lying Down - 6:34 | Sleep Efficiency - 84%.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm feeling very tired this morning! I haven't slept well the past two nights. I don't expect to get much sleep the next few days, because we're going to be busy porcessing corn. Michael picked 247 ears yeaterday. All that has to be husked, blanched, cut off the ears and frozen. I sure like having the products we end up with at the end of the season, but boy, it's a lot of work!!

I had an okay day yesterday. It would have been better without the fried zucchini I made for dinner last night. Fried food is high in calores and I used some flour to coat the zucchinin slices. I did have good step numbers and a good activity level and a good deficit, though!

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 7
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = yes (again, goal is no)
Activity = 54
Steps = 8972
Deficit = 612
Fat = 150 g 62%
Carbs = 112 g 20%
Protein = 100g 18%

My weight is steady at 252.6. I expect a loss to show up soon!

Have a happy and healthy day!

BodyMedia FIT data for August 4, 2011
Calories Burned - 2813 | Calories Consumed - 2201 | Total Activity - 0:54 | Moderate Activity - 0:54 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8972 | Sleep Duration - 5:51 | Lying Down - 7:09 | Sleep Efficiency - 82%.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good day yesterday in regard to activity, burn, and consumption! I did have some processed sugar and flour yesterday, though. I had a small piece of zucchini bread as a midnight snack about 3 am. Since it was officially on Wednesday morning, it's in the totals from yesterday.

Today's weight is steady at 252.6

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 8
Accurate reporting = yes
Report weight and blog = yes
Processed carbs = yes (goal here is a "no"!)
Activity = 52 minutes
Steps = 6896
Deficit = 765 (!)
Fat = 110g 30%
Carbs = 82g 17%
Protein = 143g 53%

Feeling pretty good this morning and have my eyes on another good day. I hope that you have a good day, too!!

BodyMedia FIT data for August 3, 2011
Calories Burned - 2652 | Calories Consumed - 1887 | Total Activity - 0:52 | Moderate Activity - 0:52 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6896 | Sleep Duration - 6:27 | Lying Down - 8:02 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I felt very negative yesterday for some reason; I'm not reallly sure why.

I left my armband at home during the day because I was frustrated with it. When I came home, I was able to get it working again and put it back on around 4:00pm. I sent a letter to the company requesting a replacement. The warrenty is good until October 25th. Hopefully, they will replace it.

I did record all my food, so I am able to report some numbers. Since I didn't have the armband on, I'm spotting myself averages for a normal day when I don't work out. I have enough knowledge to be able to do that with some degree of certainty.

My weight is up a bit more. Today, I weigh 252.6. I feel that this a temporary set-back and that I will report losses again soon enough.

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 7 (I was in a bad mood, but didn't dwell in negativity.)
Accurate reporting of food = yes
Report weight and blog = yes
Processed carbs = no
Deficit = +47
Activity = 20 minutes (est.)
Steps = 5k (est)
Fat = 142 g and 58%
Carbs = 72 g and 13%
Protein= 166 g and 29%

I am feeling more postive today. Michael said something that made me snap out of my bad mood yesterday. He didn't even really know that what he said helped as much as it did -- he was just talking to me. "All we can do is plan for what we know we can control. Don't think about negative hypotheticals." He's pretty wise!

Have a happy and healthy day!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I did well with the new goals yesterday.

Treat myself well = 10 (I did lots of good things for myself yesterday!)
Report all food = yes
No refined sugar, rice, pasta wheat or white potatoes = yes
Deficit = 644
Steps = 8519
Activity = 22

I ate lots of protein yesterday -- boiled eggs, deli turkey, lean pork roast. I also had vegetables -- summer squash, cucumbers, sauerkraut, and green beans. I felt satisfied all day.

I've been noticing some things that worry me about my armband. I think it might not be reporting all my data. Four times in the past couple weeks, it reported very low activity numbers when I'm sure that I've been more active. It also doesn't always sync up to the computer. I try and try, but it doesn't. I've written to BodyMedia, and have tried all their suggestions but none seem to fix it permanently. I think it may be dieing. In October, I will have had it for a year.

My weight today is a bit higher than it was on Friday. Today, I weighed 252.2. I expect that's due to the extra calories I consumed on Saturday and Sunday and the salty sauerkraut that I had for dinner last night.

Have a lovely day!!

BodyMedia FIT data for August 1, 2011
Calories Burned - 2876 | Calories Consumed - 2232 | Total Activity - 0:22 | Moderate Activity - 0:22 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8519 | Sleep Duration - 6:32 | Lying Down - 8:05 | Sleep Efficiency - 81%.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August!!

I'm starting the new goal set today. I'm thinking of it as a sort of sugar busters meets South Beach meets Adkins thing for the next couple weeks. Processed sugar and grain are empty calories and so easy to eat. They are not the least bit filling and are unhealthy. I also think that eliminating things that my body doesn't really use a true fuel is a good idea. It will be interesting to see how it effects my weight and the break down of my food.

I finished making my yearly allotment of zucchini bread. I now have frozen 14 loaves of bread to use for gifts, parties, potlucks and gatherings. The bread is wonderful and it freezes very well.

I'm going to can a few green beans today. There aren't many beans this year to process. All the rain caused the plants to mold underneath and most of the wax and green bean pods are ruined. Michael is planning to do a final picking on Thursday and he'll pull the plants then. Last year, I put up about 30 quarts. This year, I'm canning beans in pints and will have less than 30. The bean harvest is dissapointing this year!!

Did you notice the activity level, calorie burn, and steps from yesterday? I was VERY active! We went on an early bike ride and then worked at home the rest of the day.

BodyMedia FIT data for July 31, 2011
Calories Burned - 3435 | Calories Consumed - 2770 | Total Activity - 1:04 | Moderate Activity - 1:04 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 10076 | Sleep Duration - 5:35 | Lying Down - 6:19 | Sleep Efficiency - 88%.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

MIA Again

My computer is dead.  A recent storm took it out.  I am working on an alternative.  Talk to you soon!
- Tracy

Goals for August 1 - 15

These will be my goals for August 1st - 15th

1) Treat myself well (1 – 10)
This goal is more important that I originally realized. How well I treat myself results directly in how I feel about myself which leads back to how well I treat myself. A side benefit is that when I treat myself well (and feel good about myself) I make good food choices. This goal is sticking around for a while.

2) Report all food
This goal eliminates the last chance I have lie to myself every morning as I finalize the numbers from the day before. There's something about having to assess whether or not I really reported everything that really keeps me honest.

3) Report weight every day.
Keeps things from getting out of hand.

4) Blog every day
It's my open diary. It's my place to reflect. It keeps me accountable

5) No refined sugar, rice, pasta, wheat, or white potatoes
A new goal. I do well when I can eliminate things completely. I will not worry about fat. I think this may help me play to my strength as a meat-lover.

6) BodyMedia Site Goals -- steps = 8k, deficit = 750, activity = 45 minutes
These are my standard goals. I generally do well meeting all except for deficit. Though I will shoot for a deficit of 750, I expect myself to go over since I'll be eating more meat. We will see how it develops ...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is how you gain weight ... Wow ...

BodyMedia FIT data for July 30, 2011
Calories Burned - 2810 | Calories Consumed - 3425 | Total Activity - 0:45 | Moderate Activity - 0:45 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8325 | Sleep Duration - 6:17 | Lying Down - 7:17 | Sleep Efficiency - 86%.

On the positive side, I recorded it. That makes it officially part of the past!

Today, I'm taking taking the day off from goals and will be starting a new two weeks tomorrow. Don't worry, yesterday was my "go crazy day!" Today will be reasonable, I'm just between goals as I regroup for the next two weeks.

I like the idea of thinking about things in two week periods. It's a period of time that I can get my head around -- long enough to make a difference, short enough to see the end.

Today I'm going to finalize my goal setting for the first two weeks of August. I'll present my goals tomorrow.

Have happy and healthy day!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

As promised here's a breakdown of my date for the past week. The following are averages from Friday the 22nd to Friday the 29th:

Deficit - 291
Burn = 2660
Consumed = 2369
Activity = 36 minutes
Steps = 7692
Sleep - 6:41
Protein - 19%
Carbs = 34%
Fat = 47$
Sodium = 3358 mg
Treat myself well = 8.28 (happy about this number!!)

I've lost 3.8 pounds since July 14th. (Yippee!!) Today's weight is steady at 251.2.

We had the first sweet corn from the garden last night. I ate 5 ears. Yes, 5 ears. Let's just say that it was really good. The rest of my day was okay.

I went to the salon last night and got my hair done. I haven't had professional color in more than 5 years. I sort of made a promise to the stylist that I would never try to color my hair at home again. She's right, it always ends up looking awful. We decided to put in low lights to cover the brassy fake blonde color that I had going on. It looks really nice. I have been to her couple times now, and I think I'm going to stick with her. I'm not a girly-girl who spends lots of money on things like salon visits. I figure I can spend a $100 every two months on this one expense ...

Have a great day! Be healthy!

Tracy! Where are you??!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 29, 2011
Calories Burned - 2549 | Calories Consumed - 2001 | Total Activity - 0:42 | Moderate Activity - 0:42 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 7110 | Sleep Duration - 7:55 | Lying Down - 9:33 | Sleep Efficiency - 83%.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday! My offical weigh-in day! I weigh 251.2. That's 3.6 pounds lost since July 15th. Not bad. Tomorrow, I'll report my BodyMedia data averages for the week.

I have been thinking about the goals I'll choose for my next two weeks. I will eliminate the categories of "treat myself well" and "stop hiding food." Tracking those the past two weeks have been great reminders. I'll revisit those as needed. Despite a lack of gym vists (due to season-oriented tasks like gardening and putting up produce) I have done well with activity levels and steps. I'll keep those goals the same -- 8k steps and 45 minutes of activity. I feel these goals should be constants. What I will change is food intake. I am pretty sure that I'm going to try eliminating the following carbs -- simple/processed sugars, wheat-based foods, rice and white potatoes. I'm going to concentrate on protein and vegetables, but will allow myself some fruit.

We had an employee appreciation day at work yesterday. It made for a nice, relaxed day. They provided hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken along with chips and pop. I navigated fairly well. I didn't have any fried chicken (it looked so greasy!) and took my hot dog without a bun. I did have a bag of cheese crackers and a hamburger on a bun with mayo. For dinner, I had a monster salad and deviled eggs.

I hope that you have a great day!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 28, 2011
Calories Burned - 2631 | Calories Consumed - 2282 | Total Activity - 0:55 | Moderate Activity - 0:55 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8289 | Sleep Duration - 6:56 | Lying Down - 7:44 | Sleep Efficiency - 90%.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yay me! I recorded another loss this morning! I weigh 251. That 3.8 pounds since July 15th. Tomorrow is two weeks since I started with the new goals. Friday is my official weigh-in day. I'd hoped to lose 3 pounds in two weeks. It looks like I may make it! Yay me! :)

I gave blood yesterday and even though I've given plenty of time before, this trip was a real experience. I left looking like I'd been to a war zone. She stuck me twice in the right arm (on both sticks the nurse pushed, twisted and prodded before pulling it out), then asked me if I wanted to give up. I offered my other arm and she finally made a connection. Let's just say that I deserved the tee shirt they offered!

My calories were high yesterday, but I reported a deficit. I snacked a lot last night while we were watching television.

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 9
Stop hiding food = yes
Deficit = 259
Steps = 7780
Activity = 51 minutes
Protein = 23%
Carbs = 31%
Fat = 45%

BodyMedia FIT data for July 27, 2011
Calories Burned - 2597 | Calories Consumed - 2338 | Total Activity - 0:51 | Moderate Activity - 0:51 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 7780 | Sleep Duration - 7:54 | Lying Down - 9:51 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I weighed 252.2 this morning. That's three days at the exact same weight. That's good and bad news. The good news is that I'm not gaining and that I've found that I burn about 2200 calories a day. The bad news is that I am not either eating less or buring more. hahaha That's a "duh!"

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 8
Stop hiding food = yes
Deficit = 91
Steps = 6514
Activity = 42 minutes
Protein = 16%
Fat = 52%
Carbs = 31%

For breakfast yesterday, I had a McDonald's breakfast sandwich and a hash brown. Geeze, it was good!! It was loaded with fat and calories. To make up for my indulgence, I just had a bowl of brussel spouts for lunch. Dinner was two shredded beef sandwiches and three bean salad.

Today after work, I'm donating blood. In January, I made some pretty lofty resolutions. All but giving blood every two months have fallen aside. I feel good that I've stuck to that. Giving blood is important and it refreshes your system.

BodyMedia FIT data for July 26, 2011
Calories Burned - 2575 | Calories Consumed - 2484 | Total Activity - 0:41 | Moderate Activity - 0:41 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6514 | Sleep Duration - 6:21 | Lying Down - 7:28 | Sleep Efficiency - 85%.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 25, 2011

I've been doing pretty well lately and feel good about my efforts. My weight is moving down, I'm getting in some good steps and have been faithful in reporting. Overall, I am pretty pleased with things lately!

From yessterday:

Treat myself well = 8
Stop hiding food = yes
Deficit = 409
Steps = 9129
Activity = 22 minutes
Protein = 19
Carbs = 36
Fat = 45

My weight today is 252.2

What could I do diffently? Eat less fat and cut back on my calories.

We accomplished a lot yesterday. We canned all the yellow and green bean we picked on Sunday. We cut all the cabbabge for the kraut and got it in the crock to sit for a month or so. We made 3 dozen cabbage rolls and froze them; I'll vacuum seal them today. All that AND cleaned up the mess we made in the kitchen!

Have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 25, 2011
Calories Burned - 2876 | Calories Consumed - 2467 | Total Activity - 0:22 | Moderate Activity - 0:22 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 9129 | Sleep Duration - 5:12 | Lying Down - 6:14 | Sleep Efficiency - 83%.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

I was expecting more of a calorie burn yesterday, and a higher acivity level, but I'm not completely dissatisfied. My steps met the goal and my deficit was pretty good. My weight is also down 0.2 pounds.

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 9
Stop hiding food = yes
Today's weight = 252.2
Deficit = 551
Activity = 24 minutes
Steps = 8521
Fat = 49%
Carbs = 32%
Protein = 17%

I canned wax beans last night and green beans early this morning. Tonight, we're cutting cabbage for kraut. After the kraut has started fermenting, I'm going to start on the cabbage rolls. I'll make and freeze cabbage rolls using 3 large heads of Flat Dutch cabbage that we harvetsed yesterday. My guess is that I'll get 4 - 5 dozen cabbage rolls. I wil also be making and freezing zucchini bread in the next week. I usually make a dozen or so loaves. The zucchini bread is a wonderful sweet bread that make a great quick-grab potluck/party contribution. It freezes very well.

Have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 24, 2011
Calories Burned - 2916 | Calories Consumed - 2365 | Total Activity - 0:24 | Moderate Activity - 0:24 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8512 | Sleep Duration - 6:33 | Lying Down - 7:10 | Sleep Efficiency - 91%.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In terms of diet, steps and activity, yesterday wasn't very good. Even though my weight stayed exactly the same at 252.4, I had an overage of 175.

Today should be a big calorie burner. We're going down to Michael's parents to work in the garden and clean house. It's be a messy, dirty, sweaty, exhausting day. I'm sure that I'll sleep well tonight!

I found metabolic calculator online and figured out my metabolic rate. It showed me buring a little more than 2300 calories a day on a pretty sedentary day. That's very close to what I've noticed with the BodyMedia data.

One thing is for certain, I'm definately armed with information. Somewhere, I'm falling out on applying the information is any useful way. Well, I guess I'm applying the information to fuel my reflection. That is absolutley useful.

Sometimes, though, I feel like I should just get out of my head. Do you know what I mean??

Have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 23, 2011
Calories Burned - 2472 | Calories Consumed - 2647 | Total Activity - 0:18 | Moderate Activity - 0:18 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6511 | Sleep Duration - 6:01 | Lying Down - 7:25 | Sleep Efficiency - 81%.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday July 23

2183 calories consumed today.  We went to an all day pool party where I got some swimming in.  My calories are high because we had pizza. :-(

Whatever my activity numbers are for today, I will add another 500 because of swimming and all of the walking at the pool.  I had my armband off for approximately 4 hours and I was pretty active during that entire time.
- Tracy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I had a great day yesterday -- not especially in terms of my food consumption, but a great day none-the-less.

What made it such a nice day? Work was okay; I navigated the potluck pretty well. I didn't have any donuts, cornbread, or pasta salad. Everything I tried had protein and I didn't overeat. I recieved several compliments of various sorts and generally enjoyed everyone's company. I went to the gym and had a good workout. In the evening, Michael and I spent some quality time talking together about things that are important to us. I went to bed happy and satisfied with everything.

I have good numbers to report.

Weight = 252.4 (down a tad more!)
Treat myself well = 9
Steps = 8991
Activity = 57
Deficit = 177 (could be better!)
Protein = 20
Fat = 47 (should be lower)
Carbs = 33
I reported everything; I actually think I may have overreported.

I am sticking with this general plan for another week, but am probably changing things up in August. I will keep the steps and activity goals, but change the food breakdown to one richer in protein and much lower in carbs. I like protein and it satisfies me. I tend to want to eat that way anyway, so I'm think of playing to my strength. I may pull out Dr. Adkins book and have a look at it again.

I hope that you have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 22, 2011
Calories Burned - 2656 | Calories Consumed - 2479 | Total Activity - 0:57 | Moderate Activity - 0:57 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8991 | Sleep Duration - 5:58 | Lying Down - 7:57 | Sleep Efficiency - 75%.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, I have working on the 5 goals that I set for myself for a week. Here are the results!

Drum roll, please!

Weight loss = 1.8
Treat myself well = 7
Stop "hiding" food = 100% (I reported EVERYTHING!)
Calories burned = 2766
Calories consumed = 2447
Deficit = 319
Activity - 1:02
Steps = 8151
Fat = 40%
Carbs = 40%
Protein = 20%

I met my goals in the areas of reporting, steps and activity. I was only halfway there on deficit and the foods I consumed were too high in fat.

I feel this was a really good week!

Today we're having a potluck at work. The theme is Mexican. I'm taking a layered dish of meat, refried beans, corn torillas and cheese. There will be lots of temptations there. I will be careful and I will report everything. I'm going to the gym after work, so that should help.

I got the cortisone injection in my knee yesterday. Getting it didn't hurt that badly. It feels okay this morning. I was told that I could go back every three months if I needed to.

Have a happy and healthy day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 21, 2011
Calories Burned - 2517 | Calories Consumed - 2268 | Total Activity - 0:32 | Moderate Activity - 0:32 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6840 | Sleep Duration - 6:22 | Lying Down - 7:56 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday July 21

Consumed 2175 calories for the day.  Tough day at work.  Stressful and weird shift. I did manage to get up and walk around several times during the day.  I am feeling very good lately and my clothes are fitting GREAT!  Did a little bit of shopping but that was the extent of my exercise.  I am hoping to hit the pool with the kids tomorrow.  That would be a very nice workout even though it will not show on my armband.  I will track those calories in myfitnesspal and add them to my total.

I am back to taking AGG from the 4 Hour Body.  This seems to be helping me so far.  I will report more on this later.  I am on day 3!
BodyMedia FIT data for July 21, 2011
Calories Burned - 2966 | Calories Consumed - 2175 | Moderate Activity - 0:30 | Steps Taken - 4109 | Sleep Efficiency - 68%

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today, I get a cortisone injection in my knee. Everyone is saying that it should offer me a lot of relief. I sure hope so. Yesterday it ached even when I was sitting still.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday and I have a slight overage because I ate more than I burned. DUH!! hahaha My overage was 37 calories.

I am continuing to struggle with too much fat and too little protein and carbs. My fat content was better than yesterday and my carbs were low. Protein = 16%, Fat = 37%, Carbs = 47%.

I gave myself a 6 on "treat myself well." Even though I had a positive attitude, I scored myself low because it wasn't a good move to not exercise and eat so much. That's just not being good to myself!

I weighed 253.2 today.

BodyMedia FIT data for July 20, 2011
Calories Burned - 2577 | Calories Consumed - 2614 | Total Activity - 0:37 | Moderate Activity - 0:37 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6764 | Sleep Duration - 6:28 | Lying Down - 9:05 | Sleep Efficiency - 71%.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Very nice article!

Personality and Obesity: Study Finds a Connection: Shape Magazine

I love the questions.  I ask these questions of myself all of the time!
- Tracy

Wednesday July 20

1831 calories consumed today.  Working a terrible shift at work today and got very little exercise. Just plugged in and the calories burned was only 2400.  Yikes that is terrible!  I was stuck sitting in a training room all day long.  Tomorrow is my last work day.  I am thinking that the pool at the gym is sounding really good.  The inside pool of course!  I have to make a potluck dish for my husband to take to work tomorrow after work so I am not sure we will make the gym.  If not, we will definitely make it on Friday!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 20, 2011
Calories Burned - 2766 | Calories Consumed - 1831 | Moderate Activity - 0:20 | Steps Taken - 3154 | Sleep Efficiency - 92%


Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I had a pretty good day overall yesterday. Work was okay, I went to the gym and managed to stay cool despite the dreadful heat outside.

Deficit = 449. Steps = 8294. Activity = 57 minutes. Treated myself well = 8. Protein = 23%, Carbs = 35%, Fat = 41%. Weight = 254.4.

Wondering why my weight is up, but I know it flucuates. I'm not stressing because I know that I'm in a good period.

Not feeling very chatty or reflective this morning. Steady and happy today.

Have a good day!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 19, 2011
Calories Burned - 2687 | Calories Consumed - 2238 | Total Activity - 0:57 | Moderate Activity - 0:57 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8294 | Sleep Duration - 5:31 | Lying Down - 6:25 | Sleep Efficiency - 86%.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday July 19

1780 calories for the day.  High protein all day and for dinner whole wheat flatbread pizza with veggies and fresh mozzarella.  Yum!

Good day except my activity level. Actually at 9:45pm I have burned 2740 calories. That is better than the last few days for sure. I will probably end around 3000 burned calories. My goal will be around 3600 each day after I get myself started back in the gym.  Long day at work.  Tomorrow, I will be at work late.  Same for Thursday.  Either Thursday or Friday I am going to the gym.  It is miserable outside!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 19, 2011
Calories Burned - 2998 | Calories Consumed - 1780 | Total Activity - 0:34 | Steps Taken - 5016 | Sleep Duration - 6:37 | Sleep Efficiency - 85%


Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Weight Loss Reporting

I'm happy to be using the weight loss timeline that Tracy installed to the right of our posts. Though I will post my weight there every day, I plan to go back and remove 6 of the posts on a weekly basis and just show a final weekly number. That will be every Friday.

Reporting my weight every day is one of the goals that I set for the time period between July 15 and July 31. I'm sure that one of these days it miught be painful, but something about it seems useful at this time. As with everything that I do, it's subject to change!!! hahaha

July 19, 2011

Yesterday was one of those days that seemed like more than one day in one. There was a lot going on. I sold the scooter and got the money back in the bank. I went to the gym. I worked in the herb garden and made pesto from the basil I grew. I cleaned a couple places in the house that never get cleaned. Michael and I had a disagreement. The day just seemed packed with activity - some good, some bad.

My deficit was 188. Steps were 11855. Activity was 59 minutes. Protein was 21%, carbs 38% and fat 41%.

I weighed 252 this morning. I am proud of my weight loss and I feel that I will continue a losing trend.

I really ate way too much yesterday. If I had not made it to the gym, I would not have shown a deficit. The issue that threw me over the calorie edge began with a diagreement with Michael. When I couldn't sleep last night, I ate -- stress eating, I guess. This morning, things between us are fine. We reached an understanding. We always do. Prior to the disagreement, I would have given myself an 8 or 9 in "treat myself well." Due to my reaction to the the situation, I'll have to give myself a 7.

I'm going to the the gym today after work. I like going there and getting in steps and activity.

I found out yesterday that I don't have to have surgery on my knee. YAY!!! I have moderate to severe arthritis and they are going to begin cortizone injections. I'm happy about this news. My knee hurts and I'm anxious to see if the injections give me some relief.

BodyMedia FIT data for July 18, 2011
Calories Burned - 2999 | Calories Consumed - 2811 | Total Activity - 0:59 | Moderate Activity - 0:59 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 11855 | Sleep Duration - 5:46 | Lying Down - 6:39 | Sleep Efficiency - 87%.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday July 18

Today I finished with 1872 calories. We had City BBQ for lunch today and that was tough to keep from having seconds. I only ate the meat with a small salad. Very satisfying. For dinner, me and my girls made beef kabobs. Yum! We also grilled eggplant on skewers as well. I am not sure I would do that again. It is much better sliced and grilled. Anyway, LOTS of vegies for dinner with a few oz of beef.

Activity continues to be a HUGE problem. I HAVE to solve that this week. Today my armband said that I burned only 2800 calories yesterday... Today, it is gearing up to be worse. YIKES! I can't continue with these kinds of numbers and still lose weight. The deficit has to be at least 1000 calories to account for errors in my calorie calculations and the armband errors. I am figuring at least a 10% error rate is pretty normal. I think even bodymedia agrees with this. So a 1k deficit should really could count as a 700 calorie deficit. at that rate I am about 1.5 pounds a week. booo! I need to have at least 2 a week and can safely lose 3 per week. I would prefer to be closer to the 3 (that means I need to have a deficit somewhere between 1500 and 1900 calories... not always realistic but on some days it might be doable). I need to step it up in a big way! Later this week that WILL happen!
Talk to you tomorrow!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yesterday was an all-round great day! We got lots done in the yard in the morning, went for a really nice motorcycle ride in the country in the afternoon, and someone bought the scooter last night.

I had a wonderful deficit of 998! My weight is down a bit more; this morning, I weighed 252.8.

I gave myself a 8 on "treat myself well." I would have given myself a better score, but my food choices were very high in fat content. While I couldn't have done any better at lunch (we stopped at a biker bar and the menu really didn't have anything but burgers and nachos -- I chose nachos), I really could have done better at dinner. I made scrambled eggs with cheese because I really needed some protein. In reflection, I could have opened a can of tuna.

What saved me and gave me such ahigh deficit? My activity level of 2 hours and 28 minutes. I was a busy and active girl yesterday. It felt great!!

Here are my food content breakdown numbers: Protein = 15%, Fat = 51%, Carbs - 34%. Obviously too much fat. Still, I feel good about the day, so I'm not sweating it.

Today, I'm going to the gym!!! I plan to walk and get some light weight training in. Summer sure is hard to get in regular workouts. There's just so much going on. The main issue here, though, is simply the rountine. I would like to shoot for a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Have a great day!!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 17, 2011
Calories Burned - 3575 | Calories Consumed - 2577 | Total Activity - 2:28 | Moderate Activity - 2:28 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 10883 | Sleep Duration - 7:08 | Lying Down - 8:39 | Sleep Efficiency - 82%.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday July 17

Finished the day with 1998 calories.  I am dropping my daily calorie goal to 1900 calories as of tomorrow.  My activity level was not great today but I did leave work early and get some laundry done.  It is so hot outside I do not even want to walk the dog.  This week is going to be a long one as I will probably work 5 days instead of 4 in a row.  That does not leave me much time to get my chores and errands done.  Not to mention blogging. :-)  I am going to try to get one of those days off to catch up and possibly make the gym.  Still have not made the gym.  I will get back into this but it has been slow because of all of the summer activities.

Talk to you tomorrow!
- Tracy

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Great quote!

"Failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day." Jim Rohn

Back to the armband!

Ok, so I am using my armband again.  I just started today.  A rocky start since the battery was completely dead.  I charged it for an hour or so this morning and put it on for several hours and then took it off to charge it and forgot to charge it.  LOL  So I let it charge for a few more minutes and put it on.  I am wearing it fulltime again and think this is the best.  It is so encouraging to see that deficit. Without that encouragement, it is very hard to keep the momentum going when you have a bad day.  Bad days for me is a 300 calories or so overage.  When the scales don't move as fast as you want, that deficit will keep you motivated for sure!

I am thrilled to be back to using my armband!

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Serving size tips!

tracyburl (@tracyburl) has shared a Tweet with you: "ShareItFitness: Overestimating Serving Sizes: Top 10 Offenders:" --

Darn it!

Tracy, I removed my weight loss timeline by accident!! Sorry!! (I know you can fix it!!)  - FIXED

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yesterday was an overall icky day, mostly because of work. Work was stressfull, and I let it get to me. One of these days, I'm going "go postal." Yesterday, I felt close. How can a job be both mind-numbing AND stressfull??

Because I let my job get to me, I gave myself a 6 on "treat myself well." I did try to combat the stress by walking at break and lunch. The outside air felt good and reminded me of my desired life. Michael and I are working on a 4 year plan and soon I'll be living more than just a shadow of my desired life. Until then, I have to remember where I'm going. Besides walking as a way to treat myself well, I shared my feelings with co-workers didn't dwell on the situation that caused my anxiety. I moved on.

I did not hide food yesterday my portions, though too large, were properly weighed and every bite was accounted for.

I weigh 253.2 today. My deficit was only 42. My steps were 6598 (better than yesterday). My activity level was 53 minutes (also better than yesterday).

My fat was 39% (too high), protein 19% (too low) and my carbs 41% (too low). Egg salad, meatloaf and popcorn popped in oil were mostly responsibile for my fat intake. I'm glad to say that the egg salad is all gone. I don't think I'll make it again for a while. It's just not a good choice. I did make some good food choices yesterday. I only had 1/3 cup of mashed potatoes and 2 tablespoons of gravy with dinner. Instead, I filled my plate with green beans. I also had two bananas, a nectarine, and a bunch of baby carrots. At the grocery store, I bought coffee creamer that's lower in fat and sugar than the french vanilla I've been buying (and not counting up until the 15th!).

I am considering a high protein/low carb diet for my next two weeks. I really enjoy protein and it keeps me very satisfied. Maybe a "lean and green" approach ...

Whatever I decide, it's important for me to set goals, even if I don't always achieve them. I really like the chart I've been using the last couple days, and I like using the BodyMedia site to its fullest to see the components of my diet.

My struggle with food is the struggle of my lifetime. It's a battle that if I don't at least try to fight will cloud my "desired life." Just trying to fight it gives me strength. Does that make sense to you??

Have a happy and healthy day!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 16, 2011
Calories Burned - 2558 | Calories Consumed - 2516 | Total Activity - 0:53 | Moderate Activity - 0:53 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6598 | Sleep Duration - 7:32 | Lying Down - 10:01 | Sleep Efficiency - 75%.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

300 calorie meals anyone?

tracyburl (@tracyburl) has shared a Tweet with you: "ShareItFitness: What 300 Calorie Meals Look Like:" --

Saturday July 16

Calories consumed was 2300.  Not good.  900 of those were margarita calories.  :-(  Activity was pretty much nil to.  Gonna try to take the dog for a walk before bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

July 16, 2011

I accomplished several things yesterday in terms of really getting back on track. Most importantly, I made a chart showing the five goals I decided on. The chart is for the rest of July. I'm going to think about things two weeks at a time. The goals I'm working on are: 1) treat myself well, 2) stop "hiding" food, 3) report my weight every day, 4) blog and report BodyMedia goals, 5) follow a balanced healthy diet.

For "treat myself well" I decided to rate that on a scale of 1 - 10.This rating will be an overall assessment of how I lived my life that day. Was I good to myself? Did I live my life in a way that makes me feel good about who I am and where I'm going? I gave myself a 7 yesterday.

I really reported all my food accurately yesterday. No "hidden calories!"

Today, I weigh 252.6. That's 2.2 pounds less than yesterday. That's something to feel great about this morning!!

My deficit was 349, my steps were 5826 and my activity was 46 minutes. Only the activity level met my BodyMedia goals. Protein was 23%, carbs were 42%, and fat was 34%. Fat was too high and carbs too low. Still, not terrible!

I reviewed my food intake and noticed a couple things. First, the whole grain bread I've been eating packs a lot of calories! 240 calories for two slices! That seems like a lot. Still it's whole grain -- healthy carbs. I'm torn on this issue. Second, the mayonnaise and corn oil kind of seem like empty calories. They are tasty, sure, but two tablespoons of oil are more than I need. Thirdly, I had some really empty calories; I had one of my home-canned brandied peaches. Just one. It's canned in heavy syrup. Again, tasty, but not necessary.

I really should have gotten in a few more steps. I walked yesterday for a 15 minutes at lunch, but it wasn't enough to get to 8,000. I'll try to get in more steps today.

See you tomorrow! Have a happy and healthy day!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 15, 2011
Calories Burned - 2452 | Calories Consumed - 2103 | Total Activity - 0:46 | Moderate Activity - 0:46 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 5826 | Sleep Duration - 6:52 | Lying Down - 8:59 | Sleep Efficiency - 76%.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday July 15

Ended with 2179 calorie intake.  Errands and cleaning is all I accomplished.

Friday July 15

Sorry for not posting the past few days Diana.  I stuck with my plan all but one day of those days.  Today I got on the scales and weigh 328.  This is good.  That means I have 30 more pounds to go to meet my goal.  I can do this!  I will post again tonight!

July 15, 2011

I really appreciated two people that reached out to me yesterday. The comments made by "G" on yesterday's entry and a text sent by Tracy had some valuable insights.

"G" is right; I need to treat myself well -- like I would treat a friend. This means more than just self-talk, though that is key. I need to treat myself well in terms of self-talk, nourishment, and lifestyle choices. This idea is a notion I have visited before. A couple years ago, Oprah talked about thanking your body for carrying you through life. You don't thank it with Dilly Bars. All Dilly Bars do quiet an angry/sad/bored/depressed spirit, and only for a moment. So, "treat myself well" is my first goal.

Tracy sent me a link to a post from "Skinny Emmie." Skinny Emmie is a woman who blogs about her weight loss journey. She's trying to lose more than 200 punds and is about half-way there. I'd never read her blog before. It's a good blog. Her entry yesterday was about "hiding food." Not hiding in terms of stuffing it into drawers and cabinets, but hiding in terms of not reporting accurately -- two cups of cereal instead of one, for example. I've been hiding food like that. The first thing that occurred to me was the creamer that I've been using. I haven't been recording it. I haven't been weighing and measuring. I've been having bites of this and that. So, "stop hiding food" is my second goal.

I started with the BodyMedia armband and site on November 8th, 2010. I weighed 260 pounds. I got down to 235 pounds on May 5, 2012. Yesterday, I weighed 255. It freaked me out to see that number. (Stopping myself right now from another self-depricating rant!!) Reporting my weight every day on the BodyMedia site helps me "see" what's going on. So, my third goal is "report my weight every day."

I reset the BodyMedia goals. I measured myself. I set my weight loss goal at 185 and 1.5 pounds a week. I will reach my goal on June 12, 2012. I will get 30 minutes of moderate exercise and 8,000 steps each day. My BMI is 41.1 now; it will be 29.9. My waist is 46.5, my hips are 48.5, and my chest (area below my breasts) is 45.5. I will show a defict of 750 calories each day. Charts, graphs, tools, etc. help me and give me something to focus on. So, my fourth goal is "use the BodyMedia site as it was meant to be used, report the data here on this blog, and create a chart showing all my goals and mark it every day."

What will I eat? I will strive for a balanced, healthy diet with 25% fat, 25% protein and 50% healthy carbohydrates. the BodyMedia site breaks that out for me. I haven't used that in a long time. So, my fifth goal is "strive for a balanced, healthy diet."

Today, July 15, 2011, I'm starting anew. Really. Five goals. All reasonable.

Today's weight is 254.8.

See you tomorrow! Have a happy and healthy day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The scale is going in the wrong direction. I've gained a total of 20 pounds back since May 5th. The 25 pounds that I struggled to lose is creeping back. Actually, creeping back isn't the right right word. Twenty pounds in two months is quite a rapid increase. I have seen a couple days where my weight dropped, but the overall direction is up.

I have been reporting deficits, but I have not been exercising. There have been a million excuses -- vacation, shopping for motorcycle, my knee injury, a spring packed with family obligations. Really, none of them are valid. Even with the knee injury, I could have gotten in some exercise.

I have been recording my food. I have been wearing my BodyMedia armband again. I have not been controling my intake. For the most part, I have been eating whatever I want.

I feel so digusted with myself. Embarrassed. Ashamed. Confused about what I really want. Tortured. Weak.

Eating too much is causing all of it. On the surface it sounds like such a silly and simple thing. It kills me that I have this isse. Me. Strong, smart, self-reliant, independent me. How can this be??

Give up? Wipe away my guilt? Move on? Re-evaluate? Make a new plan and starve myself with some freaky new plan?

BodyMedia FIT data for July 13, 2011
Calories Burned - 2906 | Calories Consumed - 2557 | Total Activity - 1:18 | Moderate Activity - 1:18 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8000 | Sleep Duration - 6:18 | Lying Down - 7:55 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yesterday's numbers show that I had a deficit, good steps and a good activity level. They also show that I ate too much.

Trying to try ...

BodyMedia FIT data for July 12, 2011
Calories Burned - 2845 | Calories Consumed - 2359 | Total Activity - 1:05 | Moderate Activity - 1:04 | Vigorous Activity - 0:01 | Steps Taken - 7323 | Sleep Duration - 7:22 | Lying Down - 10:00 | Sleep Efficiency - 74%.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I had lunch with my niece yesterday at my favorite sushi restaurant. I controlled myself, but then again, how can really overeat on raw fish and rice! I enjoyed my time with her. I also got the title and tags for my motorcycle and am glad that's all take care of. For dinner I had bread, yes bread. Lots of bread. Really. Michael broght home a loaf of sour dough and I had 5 pieces of that with butter. Afterwards, I had a dilly bar from Dairy Queen. Not exactly a healthy day. the only fruit/vegetable I had all day was a plum. Today will be better.

I am going to the doctor today to get an MRI of my knee. I'm very anxious to see what's going on with it.

(BTW, I also managed to find the edit function!)

Have a great day!!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 11, 2011
Calories Burned - 2513 | Calories Consumed - 2265 | Total Activity - 0:23 | Moderate Activity - 0:23 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6278 | Sleep Duration - 7:32 | Lying Down - 8:30 | Sleep Efficiency - 89%.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday July 11

2347 is my calories for the day.  Not great and not much in the way of exercise either.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Geeze! Not sure why I just posted two posts with nothing on them. I can't seem to remove them and the edit button is gone. I'm not sure what's wrong. Sorry!

Anyway ...

Yesterday was big day in terms of activity, calories burned and food consumed. My deficit was 532. Naturally, I would have done lots better if I hadn't eaten too much grilled meat. I fired up the charcoal grill and we grilled out ribs and pork chops. I cut up a honeydew melon and some tomatoes and cucumbers. It was all so good!!

I harvested some fresh basil from my herb garden and plan to make pesto. I've never made it before, but it looks easy. I also started a pot of navy beans using my home-canned chicken broth, fresh herbs and a little pork. These two dishes will be my mainstays this week.

I did have lots of activity yesterday. We worked in the garden, the garage and the house and managed to get lots done

Today, we're getting the title transferred for my new motorcycle. I'll be legal then and will probably go for a ride. I am also meeting my niece for a sushi lunch and going to the doctor.

My knee really hurts today. I wore a light brace yesterday, but I'm still hurting. I've become convinced I will have to have surgery. I'll find out this week after the doctor reviews my MRI.

Have a happy and healthy day! Keep on truckin'!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 10, 2011
Calories Burned - 3225 | Calories Consumed - 2693 | Total Activity - 1:11 | Moderate Activity - 1:11 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 12719 | Sleep Duration - 5:21 | Lying Down - 7:27 | Sleep Efficiency - 72%.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday July 10

1958 calories for the day.  I sported a pair of 22/24 dress pants to work today!  They were a bit snug but went on easy.

The weight is coming off again.  I am not seeing it tremendously on the scales but I feel it!  My clothes are already fitting better.  I am so excited about meeting this goal!  It will be almost 20 years since I was this weight.

I have to get into the gym but it just was not possible this week.  I WILL get to it this week.  Probably going to be Thursday though.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not a very good day food-wise. I had an overage of 104 calories. I did report all my food accurately, though.

I am pleased that I can be honest with myself about what I am am eating. At least I don't have an issue with sneak eating or pretending that I'm overweight due to anything other than the fact that I eat too much. I am still planning to attend an Overeaters Anonymous meeting in the near future. I think it might really help me.

The day started off with me eating too much. My breafast of three pieces of French Toast and an afternoon Slim Jim snack (300 calories!!) were both excessive and unnecessary. Food choices combined with little activity made it a bad day as far as my healthy body plan went.

I am still struggling with body image issues. I have ALWAYS struggled with image issues and with what people thought about me. I really need to get beyond worrying about what people think about my body, my lifestyle, my choices, all of it. The strangest thing about all of it is that even though I do not make choices based on others' perceptions (I've ALWAYS done exactly what I choose to do, regardless of public opinion), I have anxiety about what they think about what I do. Isn't that silly? I do what I want, then worry that people think I'm not doing it right. This is a major anxiety causing thing for me. Silly, huh?

My inner thoughts tell me that my healthy body plan hinges on something internal. I have the knowledge, I have the means, I have the support. What's missing?? Or, what's present that I need to purge?? Lately, I've been thinking that if I lived my "desired life" without fear or anxiety then my food issues would disappear. I wouldn't even notice them.

Today Michael and I have made an agreement to not leave the property. (I may have to go to the store because we're out of laundry detergent and couple other things.) The point is to stay around here and catch up on a few nagging chores. We've made list and will hopefully cross off most of the items on it. We are also grilling out, bonding, snuggling and just enjoying life's simplest pleasures. We really get so little of that sort of thing.

I hope that your day is pleasant and healthy!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 9, 2011
Calories Burned - 2572 | Calories Consumed - 2676 | Total Activity - 0:36 | Moderate Activity - 0:36 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6880 | Sleep Duration - 6:37 | Lying Down - 7:49 | Sleep Efficiency - 85%.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday July 9

1985 calories for the day.  No gym again as we had a last minute visit from my parents.  I did plenty of shopping while they were here so I got in lots of steps.  Also got a haircut and nails done today.  Feels good to have those things done.  I look better too!

Tomorrow is work all day.  Trying to convince my husband to go swimming after I get off work.  Not successful so far.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I had a good day yesterday. My deficit was 745!! I even had 1 cup of ice cream. All in all it was a great day, with many good things to note.

I noticed another drop on the scale this morning! I've lost 1.6 pounds. Not bad!

I went to the ortho specialist to find out about my knee. There wasn't a solid conclusion. I still have to have a MRI and may have to have the reconstruction of my knee revisited. The doctor said that I have knee instability and a "pretty good" (or "pretty bad" -- depending on how you look at it)amount of arthritis in my knees. Naturally extra weight doesn't help with either. Another good reason to lose weight. My knee hurts this moring. I had a big day yesterday, so that doesn't surprise me.

I found and bought a motorcycle yesterday, as well. She's a sweet little 500cc Honda Shadow, a pretty red color with just the right amount of chrome. I'm VERY excited about getting her!! I took her for a little ride last night and she feels perfect for me. I've named her "Ruby."

In other good news, a Keurig coffe maker that my sister found for me at a yard sale for $10 is up and running. The company sent a replacement part at no charge and it works beautifully now. I have wanted a Keuring coffee maker for years, but could never justify the initial expense. I'm hooked already!

Yesterday is good example of how things go for me. I plug along, with nothing exciting for days and days in a row, then suddenly -- BOOM! A great day! I need to remember that when days and days go by with nothing wonderful happening ...

BodyMedia FIT data for July 8, 2011
Calories Burned - 2862 | Calories Consumed - 2117 | Total Activity - 0:51 | Moderate Activity - 0:51 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8100 | Sleep Duration - 6:39 | Lying Down - 8:19 | Sleep Efficiency - 80%.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday July 8

Calories for the day 1841.  Exercise was moderate.  I painted all day.  Did not make the gym.  I may not make it until next Thursday.  I will try to make it tomorrow but my parents are coming to spend the day.  I will try to get out but it may not work.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am on a roll with packing limited calorie meals and sticking to what's in my lunch box. That keeps my day reasonable while I am at work. My present problem is at home and down-time. Before dinner, I had consumed less than 800 calories. My dinner was too big. I am thinking of doing some sort of calorie controlled option all day. Maybe Slimfast and fruit during the day and a frozen Healthy Choice meal at night. It sure would make clean up easy! Michael'a daily chore is dishes, so he would be happy about that!! haha

Exercise is a problem for me right now. My knee is still injured (going to a specialist today), but I could be swimming. The problem right now is scheduling. We are pretty focused on getting me a motorcycle and selling my scooter. Almost every day after work is taken up with going to see a bike. We went again last night, but the bike wasn't in good shape at all. We are going to see another tonight.

On a positive note, I feel good about my efforts, mainly because I am focused on my goals. I am thinking about healthy eating and healthy choices and I'm not making self-destructive food choices.

Tracy is doing well, and that makes me happy!!

BodyMedia FIT data for July 7, 2011
Calories Burned - 2426 | Calories Consumed - 2004 | Total Activity - 0:32 | Moderate Activity - 0:32 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 5612 | Sleep Duration - 6:46 | Lying Down - 7:52 | Sleep Efficiency - 86%.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7

1941 calories today.  I had movie popcorn, McDonald's, Chipotle and 2 ice cream sandwiches!  I ate good and still stayed under 2k.  It is all about choices and portions.  I am very satisfied today.

Exercise is another thing all together.  I did not make the gym because I am painting my bedroom.  I am getting a small workout with that activity.  Tomorrow, I WILL get to the gym.  Gonna try for first thing in the morning.  I will have painting to finish too.
- Tracy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I stood strong yesterday against several temptations; the day was fraught with them!! While it may not look like the best day in terms of numbers, and while I did yield to a couple handfuls of blanched almonds and twizzlers, I avoided MANY other things!! The day could have been much worse. For that, I am glad.

I am also happy that my buddy, Tracy, is back on track!! Sometimes, just knowing that she's trying keeps me from making bad choices. Thanks for being a great role model, Tracy!! Pull me on the wagon!!!!

Today, I am following the same plan as yesterday -- taking a couple Slimfasts and a Healthy Choice frozen dinner to work, along with a banana. The controlled calories keep my day reasonable. After work, if all goes as planned, I am going to the gym for a swim.

BTW, I didn't get the motorcycle. It wasn't as described ...

BodyMedia FIT data for July 6, 2011
Calories Burned - 2492 | Calories Consumed - 2189 | Total Activity - 0:39 | Moderate Activity - 0:39 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 5481 | Sleep Duration - 7:14 | Lying Down - 7:56 | Sleep Efficiency - 91%.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday July 6

Finished the day with 1756 calories and got in my walk today.  I actually walked for 40 minutes.

Tomorrow, I will be heading into the gym.  Making great progress.  I am very happy.  The weight is going to GO!
- Tracy

OT but related

I am personally working on some areas of my life that I would like to share.  Denial and Tolerations.  I just tolerate so many things in my life.  Toleration leads to denying myself of what I deserve.  In the big areas of my life I am very lucky.  I have a fantastic husband and children.  I have a decent home and job.  It is all of those little things that tend to add up and overwhelm me.  This just leads to further denial of my best life.  A terrible cycle.  Yes, when I talk denial I am not talking about denying myself of ice cream... I am talking about the bigger picture.... Denying myself of my "best life".  I know I am worthy of the best.  Heck, I will go so far as to say I am pretty damned awesome if I would just stop fighting myself.

So, where am I going with this? Well, it is time for me to start listing my "tolerations" and knocking them out.  I would like to challenge you to do the same!  I will write more on this later.  Start thinking about everything that is not the way you want it in your life... I.e. dirty carpets, painting that needs done etc... Write them down and eliminate them one at a time.  If it is a pricey solution, make sure you write it down anyway.... You are worth it! It just may take some time to get to it. More later.... - Tracy l

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am nothing if not inconsistent as I struggle to find what works best for me! haha I put on the BodyMedia armband again. It makes me feel secure and keeps me honest -- really!

I went to the gym after work and swam/exercised in the pool. That wouldn't be included in my numbers since I can't wear it in the water. I had it off for about 40minutes.

We're going to look at another motorcycle today after work, so no gym. I'm feeling pretty excited about this one. My vibe tells me that I might be coming home with a new bike today. Here's hopin'!

I did pretty well with my food intake yesterday. I fought off urges several times and stuck to the food I'd packed -- no trips to the vending machines to supplement my healthy lunch box. I did have a serving of strawberry twizzlers last night after dinner, but that's was only 150 calories.

I'm going to pack a couple Slimfasts and a Healthy Choice frozen meal today.

Tracy, I can't seem to edit my entries anymore. The edit function is gone ...

BodyMedia FIT data for July 5, 2011
Calories Burned - 2411 | Calories Consumed - 2055 | Total Activity - 0:33 | Moderate Activity - 0:33 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 5359 | Sleep Duration - 7:10 | Lying Down - 7:58 | Sleep Efficiency - 90%.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 5

1930 calories for the day.  Did not make my activity goal for the because of sitting on rear at work all day.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.

Thursday, I will make up for the low activity by hanging out at the gym for one hour or more.
- Tracy

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ended the day at 1825 calories -- a few more than I wanted, but still okay. I avoided cake and ice cream and a birthday party!

Today, I am going to the gym after work to swim and get some moving around in the water. I'm realy looking forward to it. I made a nice salad to take to work. Should be a good day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday July 4th

Finished the day with a calorie intake of 2076.  A bit higher than I want but I did do a 30 minute walk with the dog. 

I also spent many hours going through clothing and getting rid of the clothes that are too big!  That sure feels good.  Those clothes were like old friends.  I also helped my kiddo with her closet organization, laundry and got my bedroom ready to paint. 

I am going to start painting it on Thursday and hopefully finish on Friday.  It is a huge room 20 x20 Fisher and has vaulted ceilings.   I will be painting it by myself.  It should provide a nice workout.
- Tracy

Fat Picture!

Looking through some old pictures.  OMG I was so huge!  I am officially proud of myself!  Take a look below:

New week and goals!

Simply stated I will try for 2000 calories or less each day and do at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week.  Also going to track my water intake.

I am using to track my food and water.  I love it!  I have an app for my phone.  If I eat something that has a label, I just scan it with my phone and it puts in the numbers.... Wha lah! Awesome stuff.  You can also set it up to post to fb when you lose a pound or whatever goals you set.  I love it! 

Thursday I am back in the gym.  Right now I am just walking the dog.

Have a great 4th of July!
- Tracy

Sunday July 3

My calorie intake was high at 2346 but still below my burn.  Little in the way of exercise.  I worked all day.  Tomorrow is a new week!
- Tracy

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day! I hope that everyone enjoys their day.

I have decided to change things up. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have removed my armband. It was becoming bothersome in several ways. I am not giving up on my health, fitness, and weight loss goal, though.

My knee is still in the brace and that's really hampering my ability to exercise. I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow. It's closed today. I'll get in the pool and try some swimming and other movement activity. My appointment at the ortho is

I am in the process of checking out an online calorie counter ( It's free, at least it appears to be so. These "free sites" are not to be blindly trusted, so I'm really watching it. So far, it seems ok. I entered my goal weight at 185 and my calorie target at 1,750. Both seem reasonable.

The calorie tracker keeps track of fat, sodium, fiber, water, and vitamins. For now, I am shooting for a standard "healthy diet."

Picking reasonable goals isn't a problem for me. As I'm sure you've noticed, it's sticking to my intake goals that's really hard for me. Maybe I need intense psychotherapy! hahaha I have also located meeting dates and time for Overeaters Anonymous. Over the years, I've tried almost everything, but never an apporoach that may address my addiction. I think I owe it to myself to give it a shot. I will make it a meeting next Monday.

Okay, we're off!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We got back earlier today from an overnight. We really enjoyed spending time with our friends. I didn't count calories, or worry about my weight loss goals at all.

Tomorrow is Monday, my favorite day to start new things. I will post my plan ideas tomorrow. At the very least, I would like to have a goal of consuming less than 1,500 calories a day.

Saturday July 2

I did not count calories because of a party I threw.  I kinda drank my calories in Margaritas.  I was under my 2000 calorie goal.
- Tracy

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weigh in

331 this morning.  So, I want to lose 33 pounds by October 1sr.  That will put me at the 100 pound mark in 1 year and 1 month.  Not too bad really.  Hubs has agreed to get with the program when I hit that goal.  We are thinking we will start biking at that point. It will be fall too.  Excited!
- Tracy

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have decided to not wear my armband because it's chafing my arm, causing a rash and making a permanent bruise. I will be recording my food on the BodyMedia site because I like how it's set up and I've become used to it. I may search for another tool, but for now, I'll be using BoduMedia's site. I'll also be reporting my progress on this blog.

I am rethinking my goals in regard to my weight loss, exercise and overall health. Something's not working for me, but I'm not quite sure what.

Let's begin with what I know. I know that I would like to lose weight. I'm not sure if my reason is really the RIGHT reason, though. Maybe that's the problem. If you asked why I wanted to lose weight, I would say (honestly) so that I could look better. Is that REALLY a good reason??? Why do I want to look better? So others can appreciate me more? So that I fit a standard of societal beauty? Do I really care about that? If I REALLY did, then the reason would motivate me to lose weight. I think I may be on to something here ...

I also know that losing weight would improve my health and my quality of life. I would live longer (probably) and I would be able enjoy the physical aspects of life more. This seems more like a reason that I could "get behind."

I also know that I am a food addict. I am. I have an addictive personality. I have given up cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, risky behaviors. With each "giving up," I have turned more and more to food. It's really all I have left to induldge in, as far an addiction goes. I've given up the "bad" things and that's great, but I haven't really addressed my addictive personality. Food addiction is cheap, not illegal, won't cause immediate death, and people don't seem to mind if I eat too much at a social gathering (unlike alcohol, for example). There's lots of evidence to support the idea that people's bodies become phycially addicted to high-fat and high-sugar foods. So, it's not mental, it's physical, too.

What else do I know? I know that I often feel that I am living a "shadow of my desired life." Food offers comfort when I start feeling like I am not "being all I can be."

That's a lot for me to think about today.

We are going to friend's for and overnight and will be back Sunday evening.

More on this topic later ...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

I had an overage yesterday. I simply ate too much.

I went to the ER to find out what was wrong with my knee. It turns out that I sprained it. I'm not sure which of the three events in the past three weeks was responsible. My guess is that all three (two twists and one complete fall) added up to simply too much. I'm to wear a knee immobilizer until I see an ortho doctor. Lovely.

BodyMedia FIT data for June 30, 2011
Calories Burned - 2420 | Calories Consumed - 2576 | Total Activity - 0:26 | Moderate Activity - 0:26 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 5372 | Sleep Duration - 6:18 | Lying Down - 8:07 | Sleep Efficiency - 78%.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday - June 30

I finished the day with 1856 calorie intake.  Not much in the way of physical activity.  I did not make it on a walk.  However, I ate out and did very well.  Applebees has a 7 oz steak, baked potato and broccoli that is very low on the calories.  It is very. Good and filling too.  I also had a side salad and water with lemon.

Next week, I am getting back to the gym.  Probably going to start spending an hour or so several times a week. Can't wait!
- Tracy

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Although my food intake was within reason yesterday, I had an awful day.

I felt sick the entire day -- flushed, upset stomach, headache, then I noticed that I was broken out in some sort of rash on my legs. I, honestly, barely made it through work. When I got home, things worsened.

About 10 years ago, I fell from a small b uilding and completely blew out my left knee. I had to have it reconstructed and was in a hard cast, then walking cast for three months. Since then, it's been a bit "iffy" and weak.

Two weeks ago, I was getting into the truck and twisted it somehow. It was immediately very sore and I felt that I would have to go to the ER. Since I was leaving for vacation the next day, I just got a knee brace and tried to ignore it.

Yesterday, I re-injured it somehow and now can barely walk. I put the knee brace on last night, but it hurts worse than before. Clearly, no gym for me for a couple days!

I haven't quite decided what do do in terms of a doctor visit. I'm sure my GP will refer me ...

BodyMedia FIT data for June 29, 2011
Calories Burned - 2684 | Calories Consumed - 2148 | Total Activity - 0:42 | Moderate Activity - 0:42 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6226 | Sleep Duration - 5:51 | Lying Down - 8:02 | Sleep Efficiency - 73%.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good day

Finished very full with 1888 calories for the day.  Walk will be later!
- Tracy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I had an "okay" day. It would have been a whole better if I'd gone to the gym. Instead we went and looked at a motorcycle for me. It's so hard to get to the gym; it just seems as though there's so many other things to do!!

I know that the answer is to make a committment to exercise ...

BodyMedia FIT data for June 28, 2011
Calories Burned - 2424 | Calories Consumed - 2005 | Total Activity - 0:24 | Moderate Activity - 0:24 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 4739 | Sleep Duration - 7:38 | Lying Down - 8:27 | Sleep Efficiency - 90%.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good day yesterday! My deficit was 867!

I really enjoyed my time at the gym and am looking forward to going back on Wednesday. We aren't going tonight afrer work becuase we have an appointment to look at a motorcycle for me.

I think it's evident that making sure I get plenty of steps is key to my success!

BodyMedia FIT data for June 27, 2011
Calories Burned - 3089 | Calories Consumed - 2222 | Total Activity - 1:28 | Moderate Activity - 1:28 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 12916 | Sleep Duration - 6:16 | Lying Down - 8:34 | Sleep Efficiency - 73%..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday 6/27

Finished the day with 2001 calories.  Heading out for a walk now.  Working toward at least 30 minutes.  That will give me a deficit of around 750 again.  Gonna weigh myself in the morning.
- Tracy

Monday, June 27, 2011

I had an overage yesterday. I'll blame it on dinner. There was just too much on my plate and the foods were all calorie-laden Remind me to not let Michael cook!

Today is definately a gym day! I am VERY excited to get back to an exercise routine.

I am also going to White Feather Farms and get some fresh chicken. Their chickens are free-range and drug free.

Some gardening and housework will round out my day off.

Have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for June 26, 2011
Calories Burned - 2416 | Calories Consumed - 2664 | Total Activity - 0:36 | Moderate Activity - 0:36 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6328 | Sleep Duration - 8:07 | Lying Down - 9:33 | Sleep Efficiency - 85%.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday 6-26

Finished the day at 2040 calories and walked for about an hour.  Don't have my armband on.  My arm is chaffed.  Giving it a rest for a few days.  My deficit is probably at least 750 for the day.

Suday, June 26, 2011

I ate too much yesterday due to lack of planning. When I packed my lunch, I didn't stop to think about what I was having for dinner. Put simply, my lunch box had too many calories in it considering what we had for dinner. Today, I'm going to plan better.

On the days that I work and take food with me, it's best to take lots of low calorie things. Most of my overeating is at home where I have more choices. If I really watch what I take with me, then for 8 hours, I'm forced to eat lightly.

I have to make up some hours, so I'm working today. My lunchbox will be full of fruits, vegetables and yogurt. Michael is cooking dinner today, so I already know dinner will be calorie laden. He's making pork roast, mashed potatoes and corn. I can have all those things. I just need to plan for it.

Good news! My digital scale says I'm down 0.2. That makes a full pound since Monday.

BodyMedia FIT data for June 25, 2011
Calories Burned - 2468 | Calories Consumed - 2433 | Total Activity - 0:21 | Moderate Activity - 0:21 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6884 | Sleep Duration - 8:07 | Lying Down - 9:40 | Sleep Efficiency - 84%.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yes, that is me.  I have not been good with my calories or exercise.  I will be going to the grocery today. Got groceries and started counting calories. Walk tonight with family. Gonna walk for at least 30 minutes. Excited about getting back on the losing track. Wanta get under 300 in 3 months. So, by the end of October I want to weight 295ish. - TracyAn

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I seem to be getting back into the swing of things, at least to some degree. had another day with a deficit, and recorded all my food accurately.

I still haven't made it back to the gym, but definately need to. We didn't go last night becuase it was Friday and we wouldn't be back until Monday. It just seemed sort of silly to begin something and then take two days off. We made a firm promise to start Monday. I am looking forward to getting back to a solid routine.

I slept very well last night. The armband reports that last night's sleep was 8 hours and 7 minutes. (You'll see that tomorrow.) I feel great this morning; I don't remember when I've slept 8 hours ...

I am feeling lots of anxiety about my upcoming class reunion in August. I am about 100 pounds heavier than I was in high school. I feel like I could handle going if I was 50 pounds heavier, but 100??? I am ashamed of my body and feel like if I go, I will spend then entire evening feeling awful. On the other hand, not showing up is an admission of fear and failure as well. I'm caught.

What should I do?

BodyMedia FIT data for June 24, 2011
Calories Burned - 2450 | Calories Consumed - 2179 | Total Activity - 0:24 | Moderate Activity - 0:24 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 6022 | Sleep Duration - 5:23 | Lying Down - 8:31 | Sleep Efficiency - 63%.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chugging along ...

I have some good news to report! I lost .8 pounds in the last 4 days. I bought a digital scale on Monday and have been getting weighed every day.

My intake is still too high, but at least I have been showing deficts.

Today, I am going to get some real activity in since I'm heading to the gym after work.

I'm planning for a good day and hope that you have one, too!

BodyMedia FIT data for June 23, 2011
Calories Burned - 2665 | Calories Consumed - 2348 | Total Activity - 0:26 | Moderate Activity - 0:26 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 7751 | Sleep Duration - 5:15 | Lying Down - 7:28 | Sleep Efficiency - 70%.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not the day I was hoping for. I didn't make it to the gym because we decided to run errands instead. It's taking a lot longer to get back in the swing of things after vacation than I thought. I still have tasks to accomplish before I can say that everything is back to normal! Today I have an interview, so it's still not a typical day.

As far as food goes yesterday, I did fine until dinnertime. Michael and I went out to eat and that is always a problem for me.

I need to get a routine established. I feel like everything is "up in the air." I like things to be predictable and smooth, and I like knowing what's happening next. My life hasn't felt that way for a while.

I also really miss Tracy as a weight loss buddy. I really liked having someone to work through things with. I see her struggling, too ...

BodyMedia FIT data for June 22, 2011
Calories Burned - 2552 | Calories Consumed - 2255 | Total Activity - 0:40 | Moderate Activity - 0:40 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 7262 | Sleep Duration - 4:46 | Lying Down - 7:43 | Sleep Efficiency - 62%.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, Jue 22, 2011

Not a bad day overall, though I would have liked to have eaten less. It felt good to get back in the swing of things. I am heading to the gym today after work. It's been several weeks since I've been.

I set new goals on the BodyMedia site. I would like to lose one pound a week.

Have a great day!

BodyMedia FIT data for June 21, 2011
Calories Burned - 2607 | Calories Consumed - 1855 | Total Activity - 0:33 | Moderate Activity - 0:33 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 8276 | Sleep Duration - 5:30 | Lying Down - 7:22 | Sleep Efficiency - 75%.