Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I didn't wear my armband yesterday because it has stopped syncing itself. BodyMedia won't send a new one and their fixes do not work. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be changing to a new recording method. I have pretty much decided on myfitness, but haven't done the work to make the thchange yet. Yesterday, I recorded my food on BodyMedia site; at least that part works for me.

My weight is 251.8 today.

From yesterday:

At the gym for 45 minutes. I walked, stretched and did lots of things with the exercise ball.

Treat myself well = 9
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = no
Fat = 84g 34%
Carbs = 203 g 53% (whole wheat tortilla, tomatoes, bananas and apples)
Protein = 81g 14%
Calories consumed = 2238

I enjoyed my day yesterday. My time at the gym was pleasant and productive. I'm trying to do more stretching and body resistence stuff instead of hitting the weights. I still work up a good sweat and get a good workout. I would like to research alternatives to traditional gym routines. When I have some time sunday or Moday, I will spend some time on the computer checking out those plans as well as signing up with

Today isn't a gym day. We have dinner plans with family after work. I'm planning on agood day and hope that you have one, too!

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