Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I had another good day yesterday. Two in a row!

My weight is down again. I weighed 250.2. That's the lowest since I started tracking new goal sets in July. I am very excited about getting below 250 and looking forward to returning to 235 where I was in April!!

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 10
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = no
Activity = 1:20
stesp = 12482
Deficit = 767
Fat = 121g 50%
Carbs = 147g 27%
Protein = 124g 22%

I exercised twice yesterday, once in the morning when I took Opal for a long walk and later in the day when Michael and I went to the gym. I also made a good choice at dinner. Michael had tacos and I had a chicken salad instead. My calories could have been lower, but I put cheese on the salad and Michael talked me into making popcorn last night when we watched a show.

I'm working today, so I'll have to walk Opal later in the evening after the gym. I decied to walk Opal every day, at least for a little. She really enjoys it and it helps me, too.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the armband and have decided to not renew my membership in October. It doesn't always sync up. Today it took me 1/2 hour to get it to sync data. I have been writing back and forth with the BodyMedia company and have tried all their fixes. Sometimes, their suggestions work, sometimes not. They maintain that it's not a device issue.

I'll probably start using another method to record my progress within the next week or so. Tracy has suggested my I'll probably check that one out first.

BodyMedia FIT data for August 9, 2011
Calories Burned - 2921 | Calories Consumed - 2154 | Total Activity - 1:21 | Moderate Activity - 1:21 | Vigorous Activity - 0:00 | Steps Taken - 12482 | Sleep Duration - 7:49 | Lying Down - 9:07 | Sleep Efficiency - 86%.

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