Tracy - Progress


Today (11/29/10) I am at 346.  It feels good to be closer to 300 pounds than 400!  This time next year I hope to be writing that I am closer to 200 than 300!

<---- This photo was taken 11/20/10.  I am at 351.5 in this photo.  It is pretty obvious that my stomach area is much smaller.  My face also looks better.  My eyes are larger compared to the rest of my face.  I still have a very long ways to go.  These photos just reinforce this for me.  It is sometimes very hard to stay motivated when I look at photos like this.  There is no major difference, however, there is a major change in the way that I feel!  I have to keep at it.  Occasionally I will post a picture and will challenge Diana to do the same!  You can do it Diana!