Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goals for August 1 - 15

These will be my goals for August 1st - 15th

1) Treat myself well (1 – 10)
This goal is more important that I originally realized. How well I treat myself results directly in how I feel about myself which leads back to how well I treat myself. A side benefit is that when I treat myself well (and feel good about myself) I make good food choices. This goal is sticking around for a while.

2) Report all food
This goal eliminates the last chance I have lie to myself every morning as I finalize the numbers from the day before. There's something about having to assess whether or not I really reported everything that really keeps me honest.

3) Report weight every day.
Keeps things from getting out of hand.

4) Blog every day
It's my open diary. It's my place to reflect. It keeps me accountable

5) No refined sugar, rice, pasta, wheat, or white potatoes
A new goal. I do well when I can eliminate things completely. I will not worry about fat. I think this may help me play to my strength as a meat-lover.

6) BodyMedia Site Goals -- steps = 8k, deficit = 750, activity = 45 minutes
These are my standard goals. I generally do well meeting all except for deficit. Though I will shoot for a deficit of 750, I expect myself to go over since I'll be eating more meat. We will see how it develops ...

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