Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am going to switch my reporting method to tomorrow. Today will be the last day that I use the BodyMedia site.

My weight is up -- 252.8. What? Silly scale. There's no way that I gained 1.8 pound in one day. My guess is salt ...

From yesterday:

Treat myself well = 9
Accurate reporting = yes
Processed carbs = yes
Calories consumed = 1824 (Yay! Under 2,000 again!!)
Fat = 99g 50%
Carbs = 119g 26%
Protein 113g 25%

I am thinking about my goals for the last two weeks of August. I don't think I'll track "treat muself well." That was a good reminder and I'll keep trying to be aware of what I'm doing for and to myself. I'm going to avoid procesed carbs, but not eating them at all is not reasonable. I am going to track whether I make it through the night without nighttime foraging. I am also going to track my actiivty level. I'll be using a new site, so I think that the rest will develop after I get a chance to check out the site.

All for now! Be well!

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