Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh In!

329!  Holey guacamole!  That is 3 pounds heavier than my lightest! 

OK, I have to fess up.  My life has been so busy that I have not made the proper plans for my diet, let alone follow a proper plan.  Success on a diet comes from planning.  If you have no plan for every day, you are planning to fail.  Well, that is definitely what I can say about my last few weeks. 

I have let myself down.  I am feeling great though and this is part of the reason for this.  At a certain point, I am sure that I am not alone here, you feel so good and know that you have a long way to go but just can't seem to get the motivation that you started with.  I need to draw on this motivation once again to get back into the groove!  I have 130ish pounds left to go!

Ok, I am done whining now.  Today, I am making my Oatmeal for the next couple of weeks and will be eating well.   I will also get to the grocery today to get good food for the week!

- Tracy


  1. Welcome back, Tracy!! You have accomplished an amazing feat so far. You CAN make it the rest of the way!!!!

  2. Welcome back Tracy. I have been following you, but not commenting. It's great to see you online again. You have been doing great. Keep it up!!!