Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weighing in! I managed to stay EXACTLY the same at 238. That doesn't suprize me at all, since my average deficit for the week was 576 and my total calorie deficit for the week was 4,032. Even though I try as best I can to report accurately every day, I do believe that there's a "fudge factor." Eating out, not weighing/measuring, and/or forgetting foods are all in the "fudge factor." At any rate, I'm okay with maintaining. I really didn't deserve a loss. I simply ate too much over the last week.

We went to the gym and I had a pretty good workout. I swam for my cardio since my hips were really hurting yesterday. I started with 10 minutes of walking to warm up, and knew I wouldn't be able to walk or do the elliptical. I have not used swimming as my carido since I started goinng to the gym. It won't show on my BodyMedia data since the device can not be worn in the water. I swam for 20 minutes.

I had a good dinner last night. I made pork chops on the George Foreman grill, brocolli, sourdough bread, and a Greek yogurt for dessert. I had some chutney (yum!) on the side for the pork chops.

Today the carpets are getting cleaned and I'm taking Opal to the vet. I'm not sure that I'll get in a gym visit today, but I will try. I might swim again since my hips are KILLING me!!!

From yesterday: Calorie consumption = 2,195. Calorie deficit = 569. chest, shoulders, back. Walking 10 minutes. Swimming 20 minutes.

Have a great day!

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  1. Arthritis can be a "bummer" pardon the pun. Swimming develops long muscles, so that's great exercise. Congratulations on maintaining. Looking forward to next week! You're on track! (Not THE track this week, but on YOUR track.