Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We took the grandkids to CiCis Pizza Buffet last night for dinner. I tried to do control myself and was able to manage to some degree. I only had one piece of pizza, but did have two breadsticks and a brownie in addition to a salad. The salads at CiCis consist of an iceberg lettuce mix that has shredded carrots and cabbage. For toppings, they have onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and baby carrots. Certainly not the best salad bar I've visited.

I'm feeling nervous about weigh-in tomorrow. If I manage to maintain, I'll be happy. Normally exercising a lot really helps my attitude, but this morning I'm feeling pretty low. I think it's because I'm not expecting a loss tomorrow.

I exercised a lot yesterday. I walked for 60 minutes in the morning and worked out at the gym in the afternoon. I got in more than 17,000 steps. So why the depressed attitude??

I began February with very high hopes. There's been a lot that's gotten in the way of my exercising and my weight loss efforts. It seems that every other day or so, an obstacle appears in my path.

Today I plan an extended gym visit. A good workout, a sauna and a steam shower followed by the hot tub and the pool may adjust my attitude.

I want to do better. I NEED to do better.

From yesterday: Calorie consumption = 2,425. Calorie deficit = 802. Biceps, Triceps, Legs. Cardio = 60 minutes.

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