Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At the gym yesterday, I asked to use their body fat measurement device. Since Tracy measured her's, I thought I'd measure mine. The trainer warned me that it could be off by as much as 10% either way. He also said the important thing was downward movement. I agree! At 240 and 5'6" tall. I am 49.6% body fat. That's 112 pounds of fat. My goal is about 30% and about 180 pounds. I have 60 pounds of fat to lose. That's what I figured. Just like the scale, though, these numbers are not really scientifically accurate. What's important in both is a downward trend.

I have lost weight! Cutting back on my calories and increasing my deficit has helped. Tomorrow on "Weigh in Wednesday," I'll let you know how much.

From yesterday: Steps = 12,537. Calorie deficit = 744. Crunches = 75.

Keep on truckin'!

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