Sunday, December 26, 2010

YOU on a diet

I am currently reading this book.  So far, I have had one Ah Ha moment while reading it.  It is in regards to High Frutcose Corn Syrup.  I read basically that the body does not register that you are taking in these calories (similar to non-calorie sweetners) HOWEVER, it is packed with calories!  This is why you can eat a million snacks and drinks with this stuff and you never get full.  You just keep eating yourself into a comma.  Scary stuff!

So, far the book is good at showing how the body works and how all of the chemicals effect your weight.  It seems a bit overwhelming to me and I actually skipped to the "plan" after about half way through this section.  I am only a few pages into the "plan" so far.  I will be sure to come back and let you know what I think.  So far, I think the suggestion will be the same as most plans these days... "Eat Whole Foods and Less Processed Foods".  I do this as much as possible now.  What I have to do now is to eliminate cheese and high fat animal based foods.

Will keep you up to date as I go!
- Tracy

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  1. I have heard thay same thing about simple sugar and artifical sweeteners. Both really should be avoided, as should white flour, white potatoes and white rice. I can cut those things pretty easily, except for the white rice.

    Cheese is definately something that I shouldn't even bring into the house! I really like it. It's a "red light food" for me, I have very little self-control when it's around.