Thursday, November 25, 2010


How did I manage all this????? I have more than 8,000 steps in and didn't take a walk! I watched my food today and actually have a calorie deficit! I didn't have any dessert! I decided to only have one kind of potatoes with my dinner; I choose sweet and didn't take any mashed! I got full after one plate and didn't have second! I got mad because I was full! hahahaha

I totally handled it today ....


  1. I am so darned proud of you! I had a large plate of food for lunch but no dinner except a Myoplex drink (I regard this as my multi vitatmin). I had my white mashed potatoes today and lots of stuffing. But I know I was under 3k all day long. I am back at the diet tomorrow. I will not log my food for today. I honestly can't log my food for Wednesday either. I kept trying to remember what I ate and I have no idea. I was so sick that I was just zoned out! Today was better thanks to Mucinex D!

    BTW Diana, I am thankful for you! Thank you for coming here everyday and posting! You keep me motivated.
    - Tracy

  2. Yummy sweet potatoes. Amazing that you did so well with all that food there. Wow!