Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

On to a new challenge! Twenty-eight days until Christmas Eve; that'll be my next "day off!" 9,250 per day as an average for my steps and a calorie deficit of 750 for 28 days. I am still holding a personal goal of 10 pounds lost for my second month. My second month anniversary will be December 22.

I will also try to summon the courage to post a "fat picture." I already shared my weight in an earlier post, so what's left to hide now??!! hahahaha

December brings MANY challenges and I can see some looming ahead -- a day in the office where there will be pizza, gatherings with family and friends, my wedding anniversary. I hope to face them all one at a time.

I have to work today and it's freezing cold outside. Since I don't pick up my treadmill until Sunday, I'll have to either brave the cold, or be creative in getting my steps in.

Have a great day!

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