Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday November 27, 2010

Day One Christmas Challenge results are in! Not bad! Steps = 10,385. Calorie deficit = 537. Sodium = 2,782. Fat = 27.3%

BRRRRRRR! I went for a walk after work. Even Opal was cold! When we stopped at lights, she kept nudging my hand with her nose. I'm pretty sure that was her way of saying, "Let's go, Mom!" I thought about turning around after five minutes because I was cold, but kept moving anyway. After a time, I warmed up and ended up completing the "medium square."

I've been trying much harder to reduce my sodium. It takes some getting used to. My corn seemed "boring" last night. In the past, I've slapped butter on it and used plenty of salt. I just had it plain. Since it's home-processed, and I don't use salt when I process my vegetables, it was just corn. It was okay, not as good as usual, though. I imagine I'll get used to it.

I have been thinking of ways to reduce my fat besides not using butter on my vegetables. This is also a hard one for me. We eat lots of red meat because we process our own hogs and beef. As you know, red meat is high in fat. To make matters worse, I honestly like the taste of pork and beef fat and, if given the choice, will eat it rather than cut it off like many other people do. I have been trimming the fat off pork chops and from steaks and roasts. This year, I'm going to make sure we grind much less fat in the hamburger, ground pork and sausage. Since butchering season begins in December, and last year's beef and pork is almost gone, this change is right around the corner. I have heard about people rinsing their hamburger after frying it. Rinsing it with hot water, in addition to straining it, would remove excess fat, but, honestly that sounds just awful!!!

I pick up my treadmill tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Tracy, I hope you feel better, you sicko!!!!!

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  1. We do that hamburger rinse thing! We even do it on the 95% lean hamburger.

    It was cold yesterday! Today it is again. I just got in from taking Dynamite out. Not looking forward to the winter walks but my little guy loves them!
    - Tracy