Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23,2011

I got weighed and reset my goals this morning. I charged my armband and put it back on. (I still have the seemingly permanent bruise/ring around my arm.)

I set a goal of 1 pound a week, which means I'll reach goal on June 25, 2012. To do that, I have to burn 2250 calories each day, and consume less than 1750. That seems reasonable. My moderate activity would have to be 30 minutes, and my steps would have to be 8000. Again, that all seems reasonable.

Hard thing is, I'm not a reasonable, normal person when it comes to food.

I am trying to keep in mind one of most basic philosophies. Ths philosophy can be summed up in one of many quotes, including:

"Live the life you aspire to."

"Live like you've already arrived."

"Act as if."

"Fake it until you make it."

"Eat like thin people do."

It's all basically the same idea.

Habits, habits, habits.


  1. You are awesome Diana! This is a life long struggle. So, you are doing the right thing. I go back and forth as well. Let's get a plan together for our one week challenge. Want to start tomorrow and just try for a certain deficit? LEt me know your thoughts lady!

  2. Yes!! I love your determination...and the quotes.

  3. Tracy,

    Okay. Sounds fine. How about a "back to basics" approach? I propose doing what our goals state. For me, 1750 calories a day, 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, and 8k steps.

    Too much or okay?