Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

My numbers from yesterday were pretty good. I was really busy finishing up with butchering for the season. Our last task was cutting and wrapping the beef. I'm so glad to be done with it! We have the meat from 1 1/2 hogs and 1/4 beef in the freezer now. All together, it cost us $525 and 6 days work. We will have enough beef and pork for a year. In case you're wondering that's about 320 pounds at about $1.56 a pound. That includes all the best cuts and all the ground product.

My next "home-spun" task is making and canning beef broth. I'll make and can enough beef broth for a year -- about 21 quarts of stock. I use it for soups, stews and other recipes.

These days of butchering are fun and family/friend oriented. There's always food around. Since we are in a rush in the morning, we always stop at McDonald's for breakfast. Doughnuts, sweetbreads, chips, biscuits, stews are the normal offerings for snacks and lunch. Yesterday, all those things were present. I took orange wedges and homemade banana nut bread as my contributions. At McDonald's, I tried their new fruited oatmeal and a yogurt parfait. (The oatmeal was pretty good!) I ate what amounted to 2 oranges, a bowl of stew, and two slices of my banana nut bread while we were there. I didn't have one doughnut! Yep! Not one! I didn't have a biscuit and I avoided the chips. It's changes like these that make me most proud of my efforts since October.

While the weight may not be falling off, I am losing weight. More importantly, though, I am making healthy choices. I am changing the way I eat.

Today is my "day off." That's funny! I am busy again today. I have to pick up my dad from the hospital, take my stinky comforters to the laundry mat (too big for the washer at home), clean up from the weekend, and go to the gym. Can I please have a real day off??!!

From yesterday: Steps = 6,990. Calorie deficit = 693. Crunches = 0. Calories consumed = 1,943.

Have a great day!

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