Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

I had some "personal bests" yesterday! My calorie deficit was 1,360 and my physical acivity was 3 hours, 24 minutes! Not bad, eh? Next Sunday we cut and wrap the beef and we're done with butchering for the year! Lots of work, but it's worth it!!

I didn't keep below 1,800 calories yesterday like my doctor suggested, but because I moved around so much, it didn't really matter. I also missed doing my crunches.

It's interesting to observe my body and its reactions to things like an increase in physical activity. Even though I ate well throughout the day, because I burned so many calories, I was extremely hungry after we got done. When I plugged in and saw that I had a deficit of over 2,00 calories, I understood why. I enjoyed a big dinner of about 700 calories and felt better almost immediately.

This is why I love the BodyMedia armband so much. It helps me listen to my body. Sometimes, I don't listen to my body. I listen to and follow my emotions instead. While this might be good for other things, following your emotions when it comes to food is NEVER a good idea!

We are body, mind and soul. Each gives us feedback about our lives. Sometimes one of those elements speaks louder than the others. Sometimes we ignore the small voice of one. I'm overweight because something in me isn't balanced. My body wants to be healthy. It really does try to guide me by sending messages. Sometimes your body whispers things like, "Hey, you shouldn't be huffing and puffing when you tie your shoes. It's happening becuase your lungs are getting smashed when you bend over. Your belly is too big!"

When my emotions speak too loudy and rule my consumption, they say, "Those mashed potatoes (cake, mac and cheese, whatever) will make you feel better. They will fill your belly with comfort and warmth." Emotional voices from inside are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. In the latter example. They are both right AND wrong. The food will comfort FOR A TIME, but later, they will whip back and do the exact opposite and you'll feel like crap about yourself.

Balanced. Listening. Considering. Choosing.

From yesterday: STeps = 10,722. Calorie deficit = 1,360. Crunches = 0.

Have a great day! Big hugs all 'round!

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