Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

Yesterday was a stellar day! Here are my numbers: Calorie deficit = 789. Steps = 11,569. Water = 64+ ounces. Sodium = 2,882mg. Fat = 29%.

Since we began the Christmas Challenge on November 26th, this is the first day that I have achieved ALL the metrics. I'm VERY proud. The scales also budged after holding steady for a week. I am down 10.8 pounds. I hope to be down 20 pounds by December 22, which is my two month anniversary with the BodyMedia armband.

I posted a "fat picture" yesterday. It's on the page called "Diana's Progress." I can barely believe I did it. That's a big step for me, since I even posted my weight. I'm not hiding anymore. I seem to want to scream outloud, "I have an issue! See??!!"

Thanks for listening. Thanks for helping just by knowing ...

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  1. Keeping up the good work even when the scales don't budge is really hard. Congratulations! You are doing great.